Software Engineer.

more about me

Ashton Hunter.

Hi there, I'm Ashton, a Computer Science student and Software Engineer living in the SF Bay Area. Currently, I'm working at Weebly as a intern on the Engineering team's eCommerce Squad. I have a few new hobbies and projects that I am working on, and you can check out my resume for more professional things.

At Weebly, I have been learning how to write awesome code in Vue.js and Laravel. Most of my experience is in programmming for the web with Javascript and PHP. When I'm not writing code, you'll probably find me practicing the bass, trying out different espressos, or exploring life and learning everything that I can.

What I'm Up To..

Currently, I'm working on this chrome extension , figuring out which blog platform I'm supposed to use 🤷, and reading Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg